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The RTL is our second generation of roadway and area lighting fixtures. Designed mainly for heavy duty and utility applications, it performs at over 90 L/W, counts on a tool-less entry arm with terminal block, can use a NEMA photocell as well as Greenstar's proprietary digital photo control, and a variety of optics. (II, III, IV, V) It boasts extraordinary thermal management allowing it to have a rated life of over 60,000 hrs. (L85)


Mounting versatility

The -5° to +5° adjustable steps in the RTL arm as well as the design of the ATL arm allows this fixture to meet demands in many different roadway and area applications.

High performance optics

Type II and III optics deliver great lighting patterns for road and highway applications while types IV and V achieve great coverage in parking lot applications as well. All are high strength, (IK08) high transparency, and designed by lighting optics world leader Ledil.

Advanced driver technology

Our RTL driver technology allows us to use less LEDs to get the same lumen output as our competitors, which directly translates to increased savings for you. The Texas instruments "system on a chip" solution is also the most efficient and longest lasting driver in the industry, rated at 90+%, giving you the peace of mind that your GreenStar fixture will shine for years to come. The RTL driver is potted in resin enabling better heat dissipation as well as humidity and vibration management.

Philips Luxeon R LEDs

Award winning LUXEON R LEDs are the most advanced chips available from Philips Lumileds. They deliver optimized combinations of light quality and light output needed in all lighting applications. They exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements, helping you meet or exceed growing government mandates. These achieve upwards of 90 Lumens per watt in our RTL line and their "flip chip" technology allows them to run at much cooler temperatures than the competition.

Photo control options

The RTL comes standard with a NEMA three-prong receptacle. GreenStar can supply NEMA photocells as well as GreenStar's proprietary digital photo control. This allows for automatic dimming at dusk and dawn as well as is rated for 100,000h+.

Separated power supply

This guarantees maximum heat dissipation for a longer fixture life.

"Zero Air Gap" high thermal dissipation construction (patented)

This gives the light superior heat dissipation for optimal LED life.

Modern futuristic design

Adds to the esthetics of your architecture or facility and gives onlookers assurance that you are committed to Green business practices.


ETL, CE, RoHS, NOM, CSA, meets IP66, NEMA, IESNA requirements, Dark Sky Certified, tested to meet LM-79 and LM-80 standards.

No hassle 5 yr full fixture replacement warranty

Gives you peace of mind knowing that GreenStar will stand behind its products.

Smart Light Communications in the near future

Remote communications, data recording and programmability make your lighting system more efficient and versatile.

Surge/Spike Protection

Protects against lighting and line surges, rated up to 10 KV. External surge arrestor is also included in the arm area.


  • RTL7
  • RTL6
  • RTL4
  • RTL3
  • RTL2
  • Number of LEDs
  • 72
  • 60
  • 48
  • 36
  • 24
  • System Wattage (in Watts) +/-10%
  • 155
  • 133
  • 106
  • 81
  • 55
  • Lumen Output
  • 15,000
  • 12,300
  • 10,000
  • 7,500
  • 5,000

Ordering Codes:

RTL-A-7-B-C-1-D-E-F or ATL-A-7-B-C-1-D-E-F

A- First Digit of Number of LEDs (2 for 24, 3 for 36, 4 for 48, 6 for 60, 7 for 72)
7- 700mA Forward Current
B- CCT 4 for 4100K or 6 for 6000K
C- Optics Type: 2,3,4 or 5
1- Multivolt 90-300V
D- Color: S for Grey, R for Bronze
E- Photocontrol: 0 for None, N for NEMA Receptacle, R for NEMA Receptacle with Photocell, P for Digital Photocell
F- Options: B for Bubble Level


  • Input Voltage
  • 110VAC-277VAC
  • Frequency Range
  • 50/60Hz
  • Power Factor (PF)
  • >0.95
  • Surge/Spike Protection
  • 10 KVTotal Harmonic Distortion
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (Thd)
  • <10%
  • Forward Current
  • 700mAmps
  • Light Source
  • Philips Lumiled® LUXEON Rebel >60,000 hours
  • Color Temperature (°Kelvin)
  • 4,100 K to 6,000 K
  • Custom Design Lens Source
  • Ledil
  • Beam Pattern
  • Type II, III, IV and V
  • Light Delivery Rating
  • Full Cutoff
  • Operating Temperature
  • -25°C to +40°C
  • Operating Environment
  • IP-66
  • Dimensions
  • 22x10x5"(RTL2, RTL3); 27x10x5" (RTL4, RTL6, RTL7)
  • Weight
  • 9.5Kg/21lbs (RTL2, RTL3); 12.2Kg/27lbs (RTL4, RTL6, RTL7)
  • Casing Material
  • Aluminum alloy & PC
  • Lens Material
  • High-impact optic quality PMMA

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